Climate Change in California

Climate Change in California

Lesson Plans:

Preponderance of Evidence from Stanford University. In the workshop we presented an early version of this activity that Cordell Bank NMS Education Director Jennifer Stock modified, this link takes you to the full version.

Carbon Cycle Role Play from the California Academy of Sciences. In the workshop we modified this activity so that it included burning of fossil fuels (click here for ppt file of the cards we created for this modification).

Sea Level Rise demonstration from Windows to the Universe illustrates the process of thermal expansion.

Sea Level Rise demonstration from California Academy of Sciences illustrates the different contributions of land and sea ice melting to sea level rise.

Scientists presentations available for download (links to Romberg Tiburon Center website):

Climate Change Science Today–Andrew Oliphant (pdf 875kb)

Climate Change Impacts on Local Ecosystems–John Largier (pdf 18.8mb)

How Will Climate Change Affect the Ecosystem of the San Francisco Estuary–Wim Kimmerer (pdf 1.43mb)