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San Francisco Bay NERR Program Overview

The San Francisco Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve is one of 29 National Estuarine Research Reserves established nationwide as field laboratories for scientific research and estuarine education. 

Our mission is to improve understanding and stewardship of the San Francisco Bay estuary, with a broader relevance to the ecosystems beyond the Golden Gate.

Our two reserves at Rush Ranch and China Camp serve as research sites for scientists; classrooms for teachers, land managers and naturalists; and inspiring places for Bay Area residents to visit.



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Research and Monitoring

Our research objectives are to maintain and expand biophysical and socio-economic monitoring to track environmental change, increase the use of collaborative research to address decision-maker needs, and ensure that scientific, education, and management audiences can use the data and tools developed by the system.


Our education mission includes an emphasis on education, interpretation, and outreach. We conduct formal and informal education activities, as well as outreach activities that target culturally diverse audiences of educators and students, environmental professionals, resource users, and the public.


The fundamental goal of stewardship is to ensure the long-term viability and resiliency of natural and cultural resources through restoration, conservation, and maintenance of reserve resources and ecosystems.

Coastal Training

The Coastal Training Program provides up-to-date scientific information and skill-building opportunities to coastal decision-makers responsible for making decisions affecting coastal resources. 



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San Francisco Bay Conservation & Development Commission 

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Our San Francisco Bay Reserve is part of NOAA's National Estuarine Research Reserve System (NERRS) a national network of 29 reserves.

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Priority Management Issues

Coastal Resilience

Need for improved capacity to prepare, respond to and recover from changing environmental conditions and unpredictable extreme events


Coastal Intelligence

Need for timely, actionable information to make informed choices about management decisions for the conservation and restoration of the estuary



Need for broader engagement of diverse audiences to support estuarine conservation and stewardship activities


Latest News


Helicopter dropping fire suppressant on a controlled burn in Rush Ranch.
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Virtual Vegetation Survey Activity
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