Highlighted Research: Sacramento Splittail in Rush Ranch

How do Sacramento splittail use intertidal channels in Rush Ranch Open Space Preserve?

Dr. Peter Moyle and his research team from University of California at Davis have conducted trawl surveys near Rush Ranch as part of the Suisun Marsh Fish Study since 1980. Their long-term data suggest that Rush Ranch’s tidal marsh acts as a refuge for native fish, particularly young Sacramento splittail (Pogonichthys macrolepidotus).

Graduate student Denise De Carion began a study of fish use of intertidal channels at Rush Ranch in 2013. She documents use of intertidal channels during Spring high tides by blocking the exit of an intertidal channel with a Fyke net and identifying, weighing, measuring, and releasing all fish captured in the net. She is also tagging young Sacramento splittail with transponders and recording movement of individual fish in and out of two interconnected tidal channels.

De Carion’s research was highlighted for the public in Spring 2014 Vistas article and in a Research in the Reserve poster on display at Rush Ranch.

Lead Scientist: Denise De Carion, Graduate Student, Center for Watershed Sciences, University of California at Davis

Advisor: Dr. Peter Moyle, University of California at Davis