Coastal Training Technical Assistance

The San Francisco Bay Coastal Training Program focuses on a variety of local and regional issues including those of particular significance to the San Francisco Bay Area such as habitat management, climate change impacts, invasive species issues, water quality, and land use planning. We strive to provide high quality training and technical assistance to support improved flows of information from science to decision-making.

We provide technical assistance to support these efforts. The Coastal Training Program provides technical assistance to coastal decision-makers including:

  • government agencies
  • land managers
  • environmental scientists
  • researchers
  • planners
  • flood control managers

There are several types of technical assistance the Coastal Training program can provide. Some examples of technical assistance include:

  • Facilitating meetings
  • Providing survey and evaluation assistance
  • Assisting partners with grant writing
  • Assisting state agencies with plan revisions (e.g., a state resource classification guide, stormwater manual, etc.)
  • Assisting natural resource managers with implementation of best management practices (e.g., helping to design and organize a stormwater webinar related to BMPs for state parks, assisting resource manager with a needs assessment survey, etc.)
  • Assisting land trusts/watershed councils with strategic/action planning
  • Creation of a publication or website for use by coastal decision-makers
  • Serving in an advisory or leadership role on a committee/watershed group

If you are interested in learning more about how the Coastal Training Program can support your organizations’ efforts, please contact the Wetland Science & Coastal Training Program Coordinator.